The birthplace of the small theater movement
Samilo Warehouse Theater

Established in 1975, Samilro Changgo Theater is a theater with significant historical and cultural symbolism. It served as the epicenter of the small theater movement in the 1970s and became the first theater in Korean history to implement the "one theater, one company" principle for 40 years, pioneering experimental theater.
Throughout its history, Samilro Changgo Theater faced closure on several occasions. However, in 2012, the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated it as a Future Cultural Heritage and signed a private-public partnership agreement. Following extensive renovations in 2018, the theater reopened, preserving its historical significance and ensuring the continuity of its cultural role.
Since 2024, the Korea Theater Association has been operating Samilro Changgo Theater. As a non-profit organization, the association strives to promote the development of theatrical art while fostering camaraderie and improving the welfare of theater professionals. It represents theater practitioners and takes the lead in nurturing theater groups and individuals, as well as promoting the internationalization of Korean theater.
Samilro Changgo Theater's vision is to embrace artistic diversity and open new horizons through artist incubation. To achieve this, the theater will focus on strengthening its sustainable operational system and maximizing its role as an open platform for artists.

ADDRESS : 04537 Samil-daero 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL : 02-3789-9640
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